Valhalla Fighting Makes History with First Bare-Knuckle Tournament in the Czech Republic

Valhalla Fighting recently hosted the first-ever bare-knuckle fighting tournament in the Czech Republic, featuring 13 intense, bloodthirsty battles between professional fighters. The event was an unforgettable experience for attendees, complete with a professional host, UFC fighter Mahmud Muradov, a well-stocked bar, and a prime view of the historic event.

The tournament saw a near sell-out crowd, with all seats filled to witness these thrilling match-ups:
  • Martin Horský def Marian Tůma
  • Dominik Herold def H. Stanley
  • David Gregorsky def Josef Jozífek
  • Adam Kristl def Martin Firman
  • Patrik Hrivo def Atayanc Oleksandr
  • Martin Lukáč def E. Kazlauskas
  • Ikhvan Kulaev def Denys Biletskyy
  • Oleg Serdyuk def Rustam Babayan
  • Vyacheslav Bogash def Josef Lacina
  • František Drvota def Yaroslav Slyvčuk
  • Jiri Cisar def Martin Lojda
Missed the action? Don't worry – the fights will be uploaded on Valhalla Fighting's YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe for all the latest updates. The event was also broadcasted on Sport 2 in the Czech Republic.

Sponsors of the tournament included:
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